How and Where Can I Vote?

Each state has its own laws governing how, when, and where people can vote. Some states and cities have changed their voting processes this year due to the coronavirus, particularly concerning mail-in ballots, early voting and polling locations. For example, some states have changed the dates by which mail-in ballots must be requested or received. Some cities have consolidated or moved polling locations. To make sure your vote counts, get up-to-date information about voting in your state, and make a detailed plan to vote.

State and local information

To find state and local information such as dates for mail-in ballots and early voting, local election contact information, how to volunteer at the polls, or locations where you can vote, go to this site and select your state:

Your voting plan

  • Make sure you are registered to vote and that your registration is up to date. Contact your city hall or town clerk if you have questions.
  • Decide on your method for voting. Most states allow three ways: by mail or drop box; in person during early voting; or in person on election day.
  • Find out your state’s dates, deadlines and locations for your chosen method.

Due to the high volume of ballots that are expected to be mailed this year, it is probably wise to deposit ballots at a designated drop box or to mail ballots as soon as possible, to make sure they arrive on time. (Or plan to vote in person on Election Day – and likely wait in line, so get there early.) In some states, it is possible to check to see that your ballot has been processed properly so you can straighten out any problem.

General information

These general sites will answer most questions about voting, such as how to register or how to request a ballot.

Voting & Elections

Specific questions and hotline

These resources may be helpful for specific questions or if you run into problems trying to register or vote:

  • 1-844-USA-GOV1 (1-844-872-4681). The site also includes a link for chatting online with a representative.
  • or 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683).
  • Spanish/English: 888-VE-Y-VOTA 
  • Arabic/English: 844-YALLA-US 
  • Asian Languages/English: 888-API-VOTE 
  • Election protection hotline: 1-866-667-8683
  • If you are homeless:

Common mistakes that can disqualify ballots

This resource can help. Common mistakes include:

  • Improperly filling in the ballot, such as by having stray marks or coffee circles on it, or by not filling the ovals in all the way
  • Forgetting to sign the envelope
  • Using a signature that differs from the one on file. You can fix this, but check with your local elections office to find out how.
  • Not including required documentation. Some states require things like witness signatures or copies of photo id.
  • Sending the ballot in too late.