Non-biased, straight-up facts you can use. Without all the noise. From either candidate.

How and Where to Vote

The simple process of registering to vote, finding your voting place, and getting there to cast your ballot (or vote in advance) should not stand in the way of making your voice heard. Make an easy plan to be sure you vote.

Domestic Issues

The economy. Healthcare. The pandemic. Guns. Climate change. The Supreme Court. The November election will shape the course that the U.S. will take for the next four years – and for many years to follow. What are the facts that can help you make your choice?

Foreign Policy Issues

What is America’s best role in world affairs? Which candidate will keep you and all other Americans safe? As we enter the 2020s, is the post-World-War-II era breaking apart, or are we better off putting it back together again?

There is an awful lot of noise out there.

For voters in swing states, in particular, your airwaves, mailboxes, smartphones and email addresses are under daily assault from both Presidential campaigns and from local office-seekers. The din can be deafening… to the point of making many thousands of voters want to simply tune it all out.

And yet: you have a vote, and you know you want to use it. Is there a place you can go where ordinary citizens have taken it upon themselves to break down the issues, present the facts, and enable you to make your own choice?

Yes, there is. It is right here.